When to Use Long Distance Movers

In preparation for moving, you have a host of factors to consider, including the type of moving company and services you want to use. When doing research, realize that most companies have their services broken down into three categories: local movers, long distance movers, and international movers. Unless you plan to move out of the country, that leaves you with local and long distance. Even with just two options, you may not be sure which type of service is appropriate. Consider these factors when choosing a moving company:canstockphoto10641840

Distance – The distance in mileage for your upcoming move will help determine which type of company you need to hire. Although the criterion varies among companies, you usually need long distance movers when going more than 400 miles away. However, because some companies set their perimeter at fewer or more miles, you need to verify with the different moving companies of interest.

Innovative Solutions – Reputable long distance movers also provide innovative solutions. In addition to standard services that consist of loading and unloading a truck, these movers rent out shipping containers. The company would drop off a container of the appropriate size, give you the time needed to load your goods, and once finished, pick it up and deliver it on your behalf. If you are not in a rush or prefer to pack and load yourself, this is an excellent option.

Pricing – It is also important to pay attention to the pricing structure since the cost to move is different between intrastate and long distance movers. Although both types of companies can move your goods the same distance, there are differences between the two. If your move involves going to a different city but within the same state, you would likely choose an intrastate moving company, which is simply a fancy name for “local moving.” However, when moving to another state, you would rely on long distance services. One important note is that even when moving within the same state, depending on the mileage, the company could impose long distance pricing as opposed to the cost of intrastate moving.

Packaged Deals – Long distance movers often provide packaged deals. When using a local mover, the cost includes standard services, but for an additional fee, you can choose add-ons, such as packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, storage, and so on. On the other hand, companies that provide long distance moving services often include everything in the price. Therefore, if you prefer a packaged deal, a company that focuses on long distance moves is probably best.