Top Local Moving Companies Offer This Guide To Moving with Seniors

local moving companiesIf there is one thing most quality local moving companies know, it's that moving seniors can present its own set of unique issues. If you are planning to move your parents in with you or into an assisted living facility, you need a plan of action that is going to make their move as stress-free as possible. No matter where your next move takes you and your family, the experts at L&J Moving & Storage have put together this set of tips to help make the move as pleasant as possible for everyone.

Suggest Starting Early

Once the decision has been made to make the move, most local moving companies say you should start getting organized as early as possible. The sooner you get started, the better. This is especially true if one or both of your elderly parents have medical or physical limitations or require special preparations in your home.

Declutter and Get Organized  

One of the hardest decisions that has to be made is what to move and what to get rid of. While many of your loved ones' possessions might not have much in the way of monetary value, they do have significant sentimental value. It's okay to let them keep the most essential items but work gently with them to help them comb through the clutter and let you get rid of those things they are no longer going to need in their new home. Check with one of the local moving companies in your area to see if they know of any charities that are willing to pick up donated items.

Go Through One Room at a Time

If you are helping a senior family member to pack up their home, go slowly working your way through the rooms one at a time. You can do your packing or let your mover do the work for you. This will help keep everyone from becoming overstressed.

Hire the Best Moving Company Available

If you look online, chances are you will find a wealth of local moving companies from which to choose. However, few actually specialize in helping senior citizens move. This is what makes it so critical for you to hire experts like L&J Moving & Storage. They have the knowledge and experience needed to make sure this type of move goes smoothly.

Think Positively

While moving an elderly family member can be stressful and filled with its share of problems, keep thinking positively. This will help keep everyone's stress levels down and make the entire move go more smoothly.

Senior moving experts are ready to help at L&J Moving and Storage to help you with moving your elderly loved ones. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote. Let us be the ones you choose to help you with this very important move.