The Difference Between Packers and Movers

packers and movers While some people use the terms packers and movers interchangeably, these are two distinct services provided by moving and storage companies. Depending on the company, some have a team of experts that handles only the physical moving aspect of the job and another group that focuses on packing and unpacking. However, other top-rated companies utilize the same team for both services. 

Regardless of whether you need assistance with just moving or packing as well, it is imperative to hire a moving company that utilizes experienced and trained individuals. To better understand the roles of packers and movers from a trusted company, start by looking at the first team of experts. 

A crew that deals with the physical labor of getting boxes, furniture, appliances, and other possessions loaded and unloaded from a moving truck are more than just able bodies. These individuals have years of experience along with extensive training so they know the correct way to handle every item. By taking a systematic approach to what they do, the movers will carefully get your belongings readied for transport. Then, upon arrival at the new address, they bring each piece inside and place it in its proper place. Due to their experience, these individuals can often pack the moving truck far more efficiently than the average person, resulting in fewer trips and less money spent. 

Packers, whether they are the same team or another group of individuals, also have experience and training. Rather than box things up randomly, they follow strict guidelines. That entails putting your possessions in high-quality boxes and containers of the appropriate size, protecting them with proper packing material, securing the boxes with heavy-duty tape, and then using a labeling system. That way, the individuals who move your items will place everything in the correct room,  reducing time and confusion once you begin to open the boxes. By safely packaging each item the likliness of handling damage ocurring is greatly reduced. 

Getting Excellent Service
Combined, packers and movers streamline the moving process. Not only does that eliminate unnecessary chaos and stress, but because they work quickly and efficiently, it will ultimately save you money. When searching for a moving company, you have the right to ask about the professional movers they use. Find out how much experience they have, what types of training they receive, and if they are full time company employees as opposed to temporary or seasonal workers. Typically, a company that utilizes full time employees provides a much better service due to the team’s higher level of dedication.

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