What You Should Know About Moving and Storage


No matter how many times a person has moved, there are still plenty of unknowns. If you have moved a lot, you can more than likely see just how much you have learned from your first move to your last. In other words, with each move, you gain more insight that makes the next move easier. On the other hand, if you have never moved or only moved once, the following information will provide you with that same knowledge, thereby helping you make the right decisions.

Never hire the first moving and storage company that you find. Although you may end up hiring that company anyway, do so only after considering several others. The goal is to avoid making a quick decision just because you are in a hurry or the company said all of the right things. Fortunately, there are some incredible moving companies, but there are also some with questionable operations. It is your right and responsibility to know the difference between the two, which comes from conducting research and asking questions.

 While some moving and storage companies have set prices, many of the more reputable ones are willing to negotiate. Therefore, once you have a list of three or more respected candidates, start haggling over price. Although you might not get the price down much, any savings is better than no savings at all. Just be sure that you negotiate in a kind and professional manner. Getting pushy or demanding could prove disastrous.

As part of your research, compare add-on services and package deals. Professional moving companies strive to satisfy their customers. For that reason, they put together packages that save money but without compromising on the caliber of service. As you look at different movers, you will discover that these add-ons and packages differ.

Never accept an estimate without an in-home business assessment. Some companies will offer you an estimate over the phone or in person without having seen the inside of your property. In that situation, they calculate the cost of the move based on square footage. However, if you have a 3,000 square-foot home but your belongings only fill 2,000 of that, you would end paying significantly more than necessary. Any moving and storage company of interest should send a person to your home or business to conduct an assessment. If not, consider this a red flag and go to the next company.