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3 Signs It's Time to Move to a New Office Space - Advice from the Best Moving Services for Businesses

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There are lots of signs, big and little, that it’s time for your company to move to a new office space. Moving to a new office space can be challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to reshape your workflow, storage areas, employee organization, and more. Moving can be a chance to get closer to your client base, or to enable further expansion for your company in the future. Best Moving Services, L&J Moving and Storage - Clayton, NC

Before you decide to make your move, it’s important to understand the priorities you want to achieve with your move. Are you looking for more space? Or for a different type of space? Maybe you need a combination space, with some areas dedicated to manufacturing or storage, and some areas dedicated to office work. Would it help your business to be closer to key clients or vendors? Would it be harmful to be closer to competitors or to move too far away from your current neighborhood? Each of these factors should be considered. The best moving services your company can access won’t help your circumstances if the new office space still doesn’t serve your business’ needs.

If your company has outgrown or overused its current space, there are many ways to know that it’s time to move. Consider:

  1. File cabinets are lining your walls. Your employees’ cubicles are filled with records or products that don’t have anywhere else to be. These are all signs that your office lacks adequate space for your organizational needs. Employees who feel cornered by file cabinets, documents, and records can’t be as efficient or as effective in their work as they would be with free space to plan, organize, and move around in.
  2. Your few meeting spaces are constantly booked. Employees schedule meetings in the break room, or you see clumps of employees meeting in hallways, entryways, or kitchen spaces. Not having meeting space is not only a logistical annoyance, but it also takes away from your employees’ ability to collaborate and connect. You might have hired the most dynamic, intrepid group of people available, but unless they can discuss their ideas and solutions together, you’ll still have a problem.
  3. Your rent is rising again; your landlord doesn’t respond to maintenance requests. Your lease costs have outpaced the rest of the neighborhood. There are many financial reasons why it can be smart to part ways with an office space or landlord who is no longer in your best interest. Think about which neighborhoods are most desirable for your business, your client base, or your vendors, and research available spaces that will make sense for your business needs.

These are all common signs for business owners that it’s time to relocate the company. Of course, ff you’re looking up commercial moving companies, that’s your number one sign that it’s time to move to a new office space.

The best moving services for you and your company are available at L&J. We offer comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and logistical services for commercial moves of all shapes and sizes. We’ll work with you to put together a custom moving plan based on your timeline and your budget.

At L&J, we pride ourselves on the best moving services for businesses because we know your primary goal is to get back up and running to serve your clients. We can help facilitate that by providing IT support, data security during your move, furniture building, and a range of other services that will get your team back to work in no time.

To learn more about the commercial moving services available from L&J, contact us today for your free quote.

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