International Moving Companies: Conducting a Search

international moving companiesWhether a moving company offers local, long-distance, and international moves or focuses solely on overseas relocations, to receive quality service, it is imperative that you hire wisely. After all, the caliber of service provided by international moving companies is unique when compared to other moves. In addition, the needs of a customer moving internationally vastly differ from those of a local mover.  

Relocating to another country requires a tremendous amount of planning and organization. Quality moving companies recognize that the planning phase is crucial to ensuring that a cross continental move is successful. The company you hire should provide you with a single point of contact who is dedicated to keeping you informed throughout the entire moving process. This is especially helpful once you have traveled overseas and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your belongings. 

Critical Factors When Hiring 
For an international move, conducting thorough research is the first step. Only then can you make an educated decision about which company to hire. Be sure to focus on these key points while gathering information about international moving companies:

When your possessions are being moved from one country to another, you want absolute confidence that the company you have selected is appropriately licensed. While researching top movers, pay special attention to licensing or membership on their websites and then ask for proof. For an international move, you would look for the following licenses:

  • AMSA – American Moving and Storage Association
  • DOT – Department of Transportation
  • FIDI – Federation Internationale des Demenageurs Internationaux (International Federation of International Movers)
  • FMC – Federal Maritime Commissions
  • IAM – International Association of Movers
  • NVOCC – Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
  • OTI – Ocean Transport Intermediary 

International moving companies worth your consideration would have comprehensive insurance coverage available that guarantee full replacement value of your belongings as opposed to basic liability protection. Should the unthinkable occur, you don’t want to be facing the damage or loss or critical property because you didn’t investigate your insurance options. Just as with licensing, you have the right to request proof of coverage.

Ask for your moving specialist to provide a breakdown of all fees associated with your international move. Top rated companies will be happy to oblige with a free, no obligation estimate. It is at this time that you should raise questions regarding any fees that are unclear or suspect. Make a point to discuss destination terminal handling charges and always retain a written copy of the original estimate throughout the entire move. Once the move is complete this written copy must be readily available to compare with the final invoice.

With international moving companies, goods are typically passed through multiple channels. As a potential customer, you want the assurance that whoever handles your move has the necessary qualifications. To be sure, you should request contact information on all handlers that will be involved in your move. This will allow you to conduct a customer review search on their reputation, relationship with the moving company, and any specific areas of specialty.

Overall, some of the stress of moving overseas can be minimized by doing your homework and seeking the services of industry experts. Companies that specialize in international relocations possess unique knowledge and skill sets. Be sure to only consider those contenders that have years of experience, a solid reputation, and strong connections for each phase of the move.