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Residential Movers Tips: Moving into a Smaller Space

residential moversHaving a plan is important when moving into a smaller space. The first thing to consider is whether this is a temporary move. How long do you plan to be living with reduced square footage? If this is temporary situation, your residential movers can safely place your extra furniture and belongings into storage. In a climate-controlled environment, your household goods will be waiting for you in their same good condition when you are ready to put them into use again. 

However, if this is a permanent downsizing move, perhaps because you are an empty nester or have recently retired, you have completely different options for eliminating your extra items. Consignment shops, auctions, garage sales, or donating to a local homeless shelter are all great options.

How do you know if your furniture will fit into your new home? Measure carefully and make a plan for each room before your residential movers arrive! Use graph paper to draw out each room with true dimensions, then using pencil, draw your furniture placement. Try several ways before settling on your solution. This will make everything go smoothly for you and your movers. Decisions will now have to be made on the furniture that is leftover. You will have to decide item by item whether to keep or let go. If you have heirloom pieces, perhaps it is time to transition these items to your next generation. That can make the process a joyous event! Now, the remaining items lead to your next decision. Where should those items go?  

There are many things to keep in mind when eliminating extra belongings. If money is a concern, a garage sale may be worth the time and effort that would be involved. Garage sale customers have the responsibility of moving their purchases from your home to theirs, so that becomes easy for you.  An auction house or consignment shop may pay for your items if they sell, but there is usually a time limit that they will keep them before releasing to a donation center. Be sure to understand whether they will pick up items from your home or if it will be your responsibility to transport. With advance planning, your residential movers could possibly deliver your extra goods to their final destination on the same day as your move.  Be sure to ask them about the additional cost for this service so you can make plans accordingly.







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