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Office Movers Tips for a Successful Business Relocation

office movers Are you thinking about moving your office without any help from professional office movers? You may want to reconsider once you understand that this job is likely beyond your capabilities. You may simply have a small, one-person office or you might be moving an entire corporation with 100 or more employees. In any case, you need to hire top-rated office movers because moving requires a tremendous amount of physical work and can be disruptive to operations without professionals, as well. 

L&J Moving & Storage, offers the following tips: 

  • Hire a reliable company – It’s important to hire a reputable moving company with experienced staff exhibiting excellence in customer service. You need people you can trust during the moving process. Hire a company who can meet, or potentially exceed, your expectations at the price that matches your budget. 
  • Detailed Planning– A detailed plan is the next crucial step for an office move. This plan will help you relax, as you’ll know that your office movers are supporting you through each step. Your movers will assign a single point of contact to ensure all is going smoothly and necessary supplies are available on site. This same person will also create a plan for handling your phone system, and equipment, like computers, fax machines, and copiers. Your contact person will systematically keep your staff up to date on the logistics of the move, as per your requirements, also. 
  • Your Office Moving Coordinators – Designate one person from each of your business departments as a moving coordinator to help keep things organized, which will allow your business operations to continue running optimally during the relocation. Besides, this can reduce stress and streamline the overall move for everybody involved. 
  • Communication – Keep in mind that clear and precise communication must be articulated throughout the move, whether it’s with the moving company’s point of contact, your designated coordinators, employees, or vendors. Be especially mindful of writing things down during this time.
  • Keep Organized – Your office movers will keep your things organized, but your staff must have a role in this, too. Make a master file of the layout of your new office space. This will help with placement of relocated equipment and desks. If any items are going into storage, be sure they are marked and listed as such. Keep a list of vendor names and phone numbers handy, too, for easy access. 
  • Intranet – Use your office intranet if you have it. There will be lots of activity during your move and staff are likely to misplace paper documents during this period, so send important messages to personnel over your intranet so it’s easy for people to retrieve and save information using their computer or mobile device. 

If you follow the above tips and communicate clearly with your office movers, you’ll have a successful relocation with minimal downtime. Don’t hesitate to call L&J Moving & Storage for help with your office move!

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