International Packing Tips from North American Van Lines Agent

north american van lines The staff at L&J Moving and Storage, an agent of North American Van Lines, want your household goods and personal items to arrive safely to your new home during an international move. The best tip we can offer is to hire the movers to do your packing, and possibly, your unpacking, as well. Experienced movers pack quickly and efficiently, saving precious time for you to do other things that only you can do. Additionally, this gives you peace of mind, knowing that your items will arrive in their new location undamaged. If there is an unfortunate happenstance, you will be compensated for repair or replacement. 

We price your international move by density and size. Keeping this in mind, thoughtfully consider whether rattan or wicker furniture are worth the cost of their move. Other items that become costly are large plastic outdoor children’s climbing toys and playhouses. To minimize the cubic volume, consider selling or donating these items and repurchase them in your new international location so they don’t have to be packed. 

Requirements for Customs can be confusing, but the agents of North American Van Lines stay up-to-date with regulations, in order to best serve our customers. A simple oversight could result in delays, fines or seizure of your entire shipment by foreign customs authorities, so play it safe. Don’t plan to bring firearms, alcohol, narcotics, agricultural products (including houseplants and seeds), or politically sensitive materials. Most items will enter a country duty-free, but if you are charged, be sure to obtain an official receipt and keep it.  It may be refundable if or when you leave the country again.

Again, the best protection for your goods will be expert and professional packing. As an agent of North American Van Lines, L&J Moving and Storage will use new cartons and packing material. All china, glass and crystal will be carefully, individually wrapped prior to packing. All cartons will be taped across top, bottom and all sides, for maximum protection. They will be labeled with your name, room and list of contents. All rugs and carpets will be rolled and wrapped. Large, bulky furniture pieces and appliances will be padded, often double wrapped and crated, if necessary. Furniture will be dismantled, if appropriate, with hardware placed in labeled plastic bags before being placed in the master hardware box. 

Whether you are shipping an entire household or just a few items, it’s important that your belongings arrive in a timely manner and in good condition. North American Van Lines agents aim to make your international move a stress-free and professional experience!