Moving Recommendations from Top Residential Movers

Even when going just a few miles from your current address, moving is always a challenge. Residential Movers | Clayton, NC | L&J Moving and StorageFortunately, professional residential movers offer recommendations that will help streamline the overall process. Ultimately, you will be more organized and, therefore, less stressed. For a different experience than last time, consider the following tips.

Hire the Right Moving Company – Most importantly, you want to hire the right residential movers. That means choosing a company with years of industry experience and unparalleled expertise for all aspects of a move. In addition to standard services, the company should provide a variety of add-ons. Hire a company with a well-maintained fleet of trucks as well as one that uses the best tools and equipment and offers competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of services offered.

Personal Belongings – Instead of taking everything with you to your new home, spend time going through items for donation, recycling, and the trash. If you have enough time, you might even hold a garage sale. Regardless, decluttering ahead of your move will make things easier and save you money in the end.

Early Packing – Although you can always have residential movers do all of the packing and unpacking on your behalf for an affordable price, if you decide to do this yourself, you should start early. Waiting until you have little time left will only make everything chaotic, not to mention escalate your anxiety level.

Boxes and Labeling – Along with choosing quality boxes, those void of rips, tears, or stains, use a labeling system so that every box gets marked for its final destination. With proper labeling, the movers can quickly and easily identify where boxes should go in your new home. When unpacking, this will help tremendously.

Proper Packing – The way that you pack boxes will determine what makes it to your new address unscathed versus damaged or destroyed. Residential movers recommend using heavy-duty tape to reinforce the bottom of the boxes as well as bubble wrap, packing paper, newspaper, paper towels, clothing, or linens to fill any void spaces inside. Also, place heavier items on the bottom of boxes followed by lighter things on top, and never overfill them.

Safe Practices – The last thing that you want to experience is an injury because of not following safe moving practices. Even though the moving crew will handle the majority of the hard work, you should avoid lifting extra heavy boxes, wear closed-toe shoes, and when packing glass or breakable items, wear gloves.