Moving During the Holidays? Ways to Make it Easier from our Expert Cary Movers

Because spring and summer are the busy season for real estate, the rental market, and moving companies, choosing to move during the fall or winter months can make a lot of financial sense for you and your family. And moving over a fall or winter holiday can guarantee you a little time off of work, and your kids some time out of school, to help making moving logistics easier. canstockphoto23496001

Holidays are already a busy time of the year, so if you’re planning to make your next move over a holiday weekend, the best thing you can do is plan and be prepared. Contact your Cary movers well in advance and let them know about your scheduling, and whether or not you can be flexible with your dates or times of day. The representatives at L&J can help you get started with a free moving quote, and let you know our Cary movers teams availability over the winter holiday timeframe.

Because the holidays are so busy, it’s important to maintain some organization in your packing strategy to help make unpacking easier, too. When you use packing services from the Cary movers at L&J, we’ll make sure that each box is clearly labeled, and deposited in the room of your new home where it belongs. If you’re packing yourself, go room by room to make sure that boxes can be easily unpacked in your new space.

Moving in the winter can present some extra hurdles that preparation can help you through. Winter weather can be unpredictable, and can cause you and your moving team to lose time and efficiency. Cary movers know that winter weather tends to be mild, but can include ice storms, snow, and rain. If there is winter weather the day of your move, take the time to clear a path between your door and wherever your vehicle and the moving vehicle will be parked. This helps to ensure the safety of each member of your household as well as the moving team.

Moving during the holidays might also make you feel like you’re missing out on family traditions or time celebrating with those you love. Bear in mind that a great reason to gather friends and family is a housewarming! You can recreate holiday traditions in your new space, and show off your beautiful new home at the same time.

You can get started on your winter move by contacting L&J today to get your free quote.