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Long Distance Moving Companies Suggest 5 Tasks Before Moving Out-of-State

long distance moving companiesAs you can imagine, there is a lot more involved when moving out of state than just going across town. For your planned move, you need to get things organized on your end that fall outside of the moving company’s responsibility. Remember, the best long distance moving companies provide superior service, including a broad range of available add-ons. Even so, roughly one week before heading to your new home, there are several things to accomplish. The following are the 5 most critical tasks to complete. 

  1. Financial Matters – One week out, close out your safety deposit box. This is also the perfect time to either close or transfer your bank accounts for checking, savings, IRA, money market, and so on. However, if you have not yet chosen a financial institution in your new state, you can handle this responsibility via phone or fax after moving. 
  2. Pack an “Essentials” Box– The great thing about reputable long distance moving companies is that they show up as promised. However, even when hiring the best movers, unexpected things can happen. For instance, new construction or a motor vehicle accident could delay the arrival of your possessions. For an out-of-state move, you want to pack an “essentials” box for every person in your household. Inside, include at least two changes of clothing, toiletry items, medication, phone charger, and important contact numbers. Also pack snacks and bottled water and even pet supplies when traveling with a beloved animal. That way, if the movers run into something out of their control, you have what you need for a few days. 
  3. Gardening Items– If you love to garden, a week before moving, empty the gas from any motorized equipment, like a lawn mower, weed eater, chainsaw, etc. Remember, long distance moving companies never transport anything dangerous, which could include power tools and other household items. You can request a list of prohibited goods from the company you hired. 
  4. Mail– Now is the time to put in a change of address with your local post office. You also need to cancel your newspaper delivery, as well as any magazine subscriptions. 
  5. Confirm Utility Service– You want to have the utilities at your current home scheduled for turn off and new services ordered roughly two weeks out. Sometimes, utility companies get dates mixed up. For that reason, confirm your orders about a week before your out-of-state move.

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