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Sometimes moving can be an overwhelming experience, which is why many people turn to a moving and storage service to help them relocate their valuables. At L&J Moving & Storage Raleigh, our Wake Forest, NC residential movers are a great choice for all types of residential moves. With more than 25 years of experience as a professional moving and storge service, we have the knowledge, planning, and foresight to make moving easier for our clients.

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We are proud to serve the Wake Forest community, and we stand by our reputation. Whether you are moving heavy items like a bookcase or bed frame, or delicate items like an antique or glassware, you can count on L&J Moving & Storage Raleigh to move your belongings safely and efficiently. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will create a custom moving package that works with your schedule, budget, and belongings.

Working with You

At our Wake Forest, NC residential moving and storage service, friendly and thoughtful customer service agents work with you to be sure you have what you need every step of the way. We know that communication is vital with every job we take, and we welcome customer input on how you would like your move to be handled.  No matter what kind of residential move you are looking for, we have options for you.

We also offer secure storage units, in case you do not have enough room for all of your belongings at your new location. All of our units are safe and secure so you can rest easy knowing your valuables are secure. We take pride in knowing that we offer years of experience, high quality service, and unique service packages for you to choose from. At L&J Moving and Storage Service, our Wake Forest, NC residential movers have the options you want and the services you deserve.

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Speak to one of our representatives to receive a quote, and learn about your residential relocation options. We can offer you planning tips, packing advice, and work out a moving plan that fits your situation. L&J Moving & Storage Service is here to make your Wake Forest move quick and easy.