Local Movers Home Staging Ideas

local movers If you want to give potential home buyers a good first impression, you’ll need to learn to stage your home when preparing it for the market. This process helps to show it off and to gain interest of perspective buyers. Top local movers, like those at L&J Moving and Storage recommend showcasing its best-selling features as a great place to start.

Attend to your home’s curb appeal by power washing the exterior to clear away dirt or webs off the siding. Clean off the walkways and keep the lawn mowed regularly while the home is for sale. Reseed bare spots as necessary. It’s a great time to fill flower boxes with greenery or flowers and perhaps you can make or buy some flowering pots to create additional color, too. Check to see if the house numbers are visible for anyone looking for your address. Your local movers always appreciate that, too. Pay special attention to the front entrance way by painting or staining the flooring and placing an attractive doormat for your guests to feel welcomed. Check entrance lighting for evening showings, too.

Depending on the time of year, prospective buyers might want to thoroughly check out the backyard so prepare the deck or patio by adding a nice touch like a rocker or hammock. Add a furniture grouping around the firepit for an appealing impression. Hire a window cleaner so that visitors look out through clean glass to your outdoor areas.

Continue impressing by staging the home interior. Repaint walls with neutral colors to make a spotlessly clean look. When the guests step inside, you want them to picture themselves living in this clean and uncluttered home. Keep counters and furniture surfaces dust-free, flooring cleaned and shining. Don’t allow pet odors to ruin the experience. Steam clean rugs and carpets, vacuum often and keep the toys unseen.

Make your house look spacious by asking your local movers to pack unnecessary items and place it into storage. Once everything is cleared, be creative by placing flowers on tables and fresh fruit on the counter. Add a pretty centerpiece on the dining table. Strategically place colorful artwork to draw visitors into rooms or hallways. Diffuse aromatic essential oils to appeal to all the senses.

Call your local movers, L & J Moving & Storage, to learn more about how you can stage your home as you prepare it for sale!