L&J Moving and Storage Advice: How to Pack a Kitchen

L&J Moving and Storage Packing up a kitchen can be simple and a great opportunity to be even better organized at your next location. If the experts at L&J Moving and Storage aren’t doing your packing, then you will need to gather the right tools for your task – boxes in a variety of sizes, packing paper, packing tape, scissors and a permanent marker. You might think you can save money using newspaper, but the newspaper ink can make a terrible mess so paying for real packing paper is worth the investment.

Next, consider how you might prioritize your needs for the first few days so these things are packed separately and marked accordingly. Assemble paper plates, disposable silverware and cups, paper napkins and towels to be opened and used immediately upon arrival.  If you don’t want to use disposable items, make a box with just enough dishes, silverware, napkins and glasses, and such for your immediate use. 

Keep toaster, hand mixer, griddle or any other small appliance in its original box, if you have it. Otherwise, remove any small or loose parts, wrap them with packing paper, tape it and label it clearly in large writing so the pieces and parts aren’t lost or accidentally thrown out when unpacking later in your new home. The packing specialists at L&J Moving and Storage recommend using the general rule of big and heavy items on the bottom and lighter, smaller items on top, for all boxes you pack. In between items, bunch up packing paper to add padding between layers.  You might even pack your kitchen towels, wash cloths and hot pads strategically as buffers between items. 

Packing dishes or breakables takes consideration so nothing arrives chipped or broken. If you are worried about your valuables, talk to L&J Moving and Storage about packing your fragile items.

Don’t make the mistake of wrapping your dishes tightly. Bunch up a few sheets of packing paper to pad the bottom of the box. Keeping your packing paper stack on the counter, set each plate in the middle of the paper and wrap it loosely with each piece.  The point is to have the paper bunched up between the plates to add extra spacing and protection between the plates.  Put lighter items, like glasses, cups and saucers, or salt and pepper shakers on the top of this box to fill it before closing it. Label your breakable boxes Fragile and This Side Up.

Pack everything in pots and appropriate groups, such as pans, baking, and canned goods. Place each grouping in a separate box and label accordingly. Use care when packing to make your unpacking easier. Remember, that L&J Moving and Storage is available for all your packing and relocation needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.