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L&J Moving and Storage Advice for a Green Move

moving and storageFortunately, many people today are trying to make “green” decisions based on preserving and improving our world’s environment. If you are one of these people with the conviction to make the world a better place for future generations, consider making your relocation to a new home an opportunity to be eco-friendly!  Enjoy the following suggestions from L & J Moving and Storage for an eco-friendly move. 

  • Find Used Moving Boxes – Why buy new boxes for your belongings, when you have the opportunity to repurpose instead? Go to a nearby retail, grocery or liquor store and ask if you can take some boxes off their hands. You might be surprised at how willing they are to help you instead of placing the boxes into the dumpster. If you are using a professional moving and storage company, be sure they recycle boxes. This way, you might be able to just get your boxes from them. In any case, after you have unpacked, break down your boxes and give them to the best recycling option in your area.
  • Plastic Containers – If you are buying plastic containers for your move, select ones made from recycled materials. They are relatively easy to find at retailers and some moving and storage companies offer them, as well.
  • Eco-friendly Supplies – Use biodegradable supplies when packing. Stay away from traditional bubble wrap, styrofoam, or plastic packing peanuts. Some companies now sell these supplies made with biodegradable ingredients.  Use packing paper from recycled matter.
  • Employ Household Items – Instead of packing material, use things that are already lying around the house. As example, you can use towels, sheets, blankets and pillows when packing to prevent breakage during transport.
  • De-clutter and Donate – Go through your belongings before you pack. Sort through things carefully so you don’t waste time moving things you won’t use in the future. Take your unneeded items to a charitable organization or hand them off to neighbors, friends or family members. This will save you some money on your move, as well as offering a green solution.

Continue your best green efforts in your new location. Green companies like L&J Moving and Storage suggest recycling, paying bills online, gardening and composting, and only buying energy efficient appliances for your new home. Feel good about each decision you make throughout your home, knowing that small steps matter in order to create and sustain a clean environment for generations to come.

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