L&J Moving and Storage – Among the Top International Moving Companies Based in Clayton, NC

When it comes to international moving companies, people want and deserve the best. international moving companiesAt L&J Moving and Storage, we offer all our customers stellar service at an affordable price. As experts in international moves, we understand the requirements for this type of relocation.


Trusting the Best


Instead of leaving the relocation of your goods to just any of the available international moving companies, you want to rely on one that will streamline every aspect of your move from when your possessions leave their original destination until arriving at the new overseas address. At L&L moving and storage, your goods get handled with extreme care throughout the entire relocation process.


We will determine the best and most economical method of getting your possessions from point A to point B, whether by air or sea. Also, we utilize only superior ground transportation to ensure optimal protection of your goods, including rail, truck, and carrier.


With years in the industry, we adhere to all customs regulations, thereby preventing your shipment from getting delayed. That way, your goods will arrive on the day and time as scheduled, barring any unforeseen event. If something unexpected comes up, your point of contact will advise you so that you can coordinate things on your end as needed.


As part of the services that we offer at L&J Moving and Storage, we can arrange for secure storage of your belongings, whether for the short or long term. As one of the most respected of all international moving companies, we have excellent relationships with third parties. That gives you peace of mind, not only for the transportation aspect of your move, but also any required storage.


L&J Moving and Storage is a world-class transportation, shipping, and relocation services company that always gives 100 percent to our customers. Through extensive planning, we will get your personal or business possessions delivered successfully.


We start with a pre-planning session and from there, handle every aspect of an international move on your behalf. We will patiently and expertly guide you through the process, eliminating undue stress.


Trusted International Movers


Rather than waste valuable time researching multiple international moving companies, you can trust us at L&J Moving and Storage. We take great pride in what we do, something which is evident in the long list of satisfied customers who recommend us to others. For a seamless overseas move, please contact us to get started.