How to Save on Moving Services


Most people who hire professional movers want to spend as little money as possible but without compromising on the caliber of services. To accomplish this, you have several viable solutions. To begin, spend time researching several reputable companies, looking for those that offer discounted prices for certain people and situations.


A prime example of this is discounted prices on moving services for military personnel and their family. Whether serving active duty or as a veteran, many top moving companies are proud to offer discounted prices. Therefore, if you or your partner currently serve or have served in any one of the military branches, spend time looking for companies that recognize the sacrifice made by offering a discounted price on the services they provide.


Often, professional moving companies will come up with a discounted price for an extra large move. For instance, if you have a huge home or corporation, or perhaps you need to move multiple family members at the same time, you could very well enjoy discounted moving services. There are even some movers and packers who give discounts to people over the age of 65.


In addition to discounted moving services, there are a number of ways that you can enjoy quality services without paying a high price. For example, instead of having the movers do all the packing, you can pack yourself. You can also take time before the move to go through all of your belongings, throwing away, recycling, and donating as much as possible. By doing so, the weight of the load diminishes, which equates to a more affordable rate.


You can always negotiate the price quoted. Identify at least three or four strong candidates, have a representative from each come to your home or business to perform an inventory, and then request an estimated quote in writing. You can then use that quote to your advantage. If one company stands out as being the best but their estimated cost is higher than the others, go back to them and see if they would be willing to match the lowest price quoted.


The bottom line is that for high-quality moving services, there are ways to save money. Again, start by looking for companies that offer discounts and from there, lighten your load and never be afraid to negotiate the price. Remember, moving companies are accustomed to negotiations and won’t take offense.