How Offsite Storage Can Help You


People use offsite storage units for a variety of reasons. For instance, you might be selling your home and need to declutter it so that the realtor can stage it for showing. Maybe you recently downsized from a large home and are not ready to get rid of excess furniture, or your home is under renovation and in the meantime, you need a place to put everything. Regardless of your reason, it is important to choose the right facility and unit.

When looking for a place to keep things on a short or long-term basis, you need to consider security, cost, size, available parking, walking distance to your unit, protection from heat, water, and rodent damage, access hours, and so on. After going through each criterion and deciding on what you need, consider the tips provided so that you get the most out of your decision.

  • When stacking boxes, use labels to help you identify what is inside. Then, always position the boxes with the labels facing outwards. That way, if you need to gain access to something, it will be quicker and easier for you to find the right box.
  • Avoid stacking the boxes in your unit high. Not only will this prevent you from gaining access, but it also creates a risk of the boxes falling and things inside getting damaged.
  • While there is nothing wrong with using quality boxes, sometimes, plastic bins or containers work better. Consider the types of things that you need to store and then choose accordingly.
  • Be sure that you get the name and phone number for your point of contact at the storage facility. Also, before signing any contract, you need to know as much as possible about the rules and regulations. For instance, you need to be aware of limited visiting times, the charge for late payments, what to do if someone breaks into your unit, and so on. Then, read and understand every word of the contract so that there are no misunderstandings as to your responsibility and theirs.
  • Security– As part of selecting the right storage facility, learn about the type of security provided. The best facility will have cutting-edge camera surveillance, a unique keypad entry code for every person, excellent lighting, high fences with locks, and preferably, 24-hour onsite personnel.
  • Unit Type– For a facility to work for you, it is essential to rent the appropriate size and type of unit. For instance, if you need to put furniture in storage, then you need a climate-controlled unit. If you visit a facility that does not offer this type of unit, move on to one that does.