Questions When Hiring Professional Movers

Regardless if you need help with a residential or commercial move, it is important to hire the right moving company. Because of the sheer number of moving companies, all claiming to be the best, it is up to you to separate the good from the bad. To accomplish this, you need to ask several key questions.


How long has your moving company been in business?– When it comes to hiring professional movers, experience counts. Even if a company has proper insurance coverage, without experience, there is no guarantee that your items will arrive in the same condition as packed.

Does your business have proper licensing?– It is imperative to hire a moving company that maintains proper licensing. In the United States, every company is issued a unique license number by the Department of Transportation. The companies that you interview should readily provide license information, but if not, you can log onto the DOT website to search the number, verifying its validity.

 Is your moving company insured?– Insurance is also critical. Any companies of interest should have insurance in good standing. Instead of taking someone’s word, request a copy of the policy and then contact the provider. That way, you have peace of mind that if something of yours is damaged, lost, or destroyed, you have protection in the form of insurance.

What do your company rates include?– It is important to note that just because movers quote a low price does not mean compromised service. Knowing what moving companies include in their rates will help you with your final decision. As part of this, ask if they offer discounts or incentives for moving your goods on a particular day, during a certain month, and so on.

Is your moving company associated with any professional organizations or has it won any service accolades?– Typically, it is best to look for companies affiliated with reputable industry organizations. The same holds true for companies with several accolades, which shows their experience, expertise, and dedication to quality service.

Do you offer any add-on services, and if so, what?– Add-on services include packing, vehicle transportation, supplying materials and supplies, and more. Although movers charge for these services, for most people, they are worth the additional cost because they save time and reduce stress.

Does your company have any specialty experience?– If your move requires specialty services, such as additional movers or equipment, you want to confirm that the company can accommodate.