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Durham Moving Companies Tips: Moving to a Rental Space

Durham moving companiesYou may not realize it, but in some situations, moving into a rental space comes with unique challenges. A better alternative to trying to find enough family members and friends to help you move is to hire a reputable moving company. With years of experience, the right company can identify potential issues quickly. The problems that can arise after moving into a rental space are often quite different than getting settled into a purchased home. Below are some scenarios that local Durham moving companies face and how the services of highly respected movers can help. 

  • Congestion– When you’re moving into a rental space downtown or in some other congested area of the city, the right movers will outline the best route. They will also identify one-way streets, narrow streets, and other areas that have limited access. They can then develop a plan to work around these obstacles, avoiding frustrating delays. 
  • Second Story Apartments– If your new apartment is on the second floor or higher, experienced movers, like those employed with top rated Durham moving companies, will check out the building before moving day. That way, they can determine the easiest and safest way to deliver your items, whether that entails using the stairs, a freight elevator, or even hoisting oversized pieces up from ground level.
  • Delivery Schedule– Professional movers are aware that moving into a rental space sometimes gets met with unhappy neighbors. For that reason, the company you hire will choose a time for delivery that is not only convenient for you but also respectful of people living nearby. For instance, if you plan to move to a rental home in a neighborhood with a lot of school-aged children, the movers will try to avoid late afternoon hours, a time when kids get off buses and play outside. 
  • Specialized Services– Along with careful planning, a reputable moving company offers a broad range of specialized services that will make the process of moving into a rental space smoother. Most well-respected Durham moving companies offer packing and unpacking, furniture assembly and disassembly, and even delivery services. That means if you ordered a new living room set but have no way of getting it to your new place, your moving company can assist. A top-rated company also has a clean and secure storage facility, so if you’re moving from a large home into a smaller apartment, you can rent a unit for some of your belongings until you come up with a permanent solution.

    If you are facing an upcoming move into a rental property, be sure to contact the experts at L&J Moving and Storage for assistance, proudly serving movers in Durham, NC. Our moving team will plan and execute your move with efficiency. Reach out to us today to receive you free estimate.

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