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Declutter & Donate: Where to Donate Gently Used Belongings, Tips From Top Moving and Storage Companies

The last thing you should do when moving to a new house is waiting until you reach your new home to try and get rid of the clutter and organize your home. Most moving and storage companies agree that the best things you can do before moving is de-clutter. This is a very common problem for those of you who are moving into a smaller home as there may not be much for excess possessions. moving and storage companies, L&J Moving & Storage - Clayton, NC

The Sorting Phase

While you are going through your closets, cabinets, the garage, attic, or basement, look at each item. If you haven't seen it, let alone used it for a year, you should consider getting rid of it. However, this doesn't mean you should throw everything away. Just because the items are no longer useful to you, doesn't mean they won't be helpful to someone else.

Heirloom items – If you have any heirloom items, why not pass them on to another member of the family. Consider giving them to a sibling, child, or grandchild who might appreciate the item they are being given. Alternatively, you can place the item in a consignment store for sale or list it on eBay. Bear in mind that you are not likely to get full value for your items.

Donating Your Items

Another great option is to donate these excess items to any of the many charitable organizations in your area. There are many such charities depending on where you live such as Goodwill, St. Vincent De Paul, and numerous church organizations. Most of these organizations will take almost anything from household goods to clothing. Keep in mind some have restrictions on items such as electronics, baby clothes, and others. Moving and storage companies like L&J Moving & Storage say you should call ahead to make sure the charity you have chosen will take the items you wish to donate.

Shelters (women's, men's, and family) and halfway houses also make excellent places to donate clothing and personal care items. Charities that work with veterans are also an excellent choice as are senior citizens charities. The list of non-profit organizations is virtually endless; it shouldn't prove too hard to find one or more of them in your local area who will be happy to accept your donations.

Churches and Places of Worship

You can also ask your local place of worship if they are taking donations or know of someone in need whom your items can help. Then, of course, there are individual and neighborhood garage/yard sales you can also use to help cut down on the amount you have to ship.

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