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Benson, NC is home to the "Oldest Gospel Singing Competition" in the U.S and the largest farming heritage celebration in the country. This is just the beginning as representatives from the best moving companies like L&J Moving & Storage can tell you. Benson is also home to the GALOT Motorsport Park, and the first legal "Moonshine" distillery in the county, the Broadslab Distillery. If you are preparing to move your business into town, the top commercial moving services in Benson, NC have these suggestions. best moving companies, L&J Moving & Storage - Benson, NC & Clayton, NC

Give Your Employees Plenty of Notice

If you are preparing to transfer your office, including your staff to Benson, the best moving companies suggest you give your employees plenty of advanced notice. The minimum recommended time is several months, but a few weeks may be enough. This will give your employees enough time to prepare for the move, taking care of putting their home on the market, changing their children's schools, finding a new home at the other end, and of course, hiring the right moving service.

Give Your Customers Plenty of Notice

If your business counts on walk-in trade, you need to start notifying your customers about your upcoming move no less than several weeks before you make the move. Be sure your customer service team is ready to answer questions about your move and whether or not it will affect your ability to conduct business or how long your services will be unavailable. The more your customers know upfront, the less likely you are to lose business.

Prepare Your Business for the Move

Even the best moving companies know that moving an entire business can be challenging. Commercial moving services in Benson, NC recommends you carefully disconnect all computer cables and pack them in Ziploc bags that are labeled to go with the computer they belong to. Be sure you back up your files using the cloud or a flash drive in case something should happen to the computer during the move.

A quality moving company can break down your furniture, pack it in the truck and unload it at the other end. Labeling the furniture to show which office it goes in will help make getting up and running in your new location go far more smoothly. If you have hired the moving service to do the packing, they will take care of these items for you.

The Perfect Time to Declutter

Moving your office or business is an excellent time for you and your staff to get rid of any clutter as you pack. Moving is a great time to dispose of old equipment that has been lying in state in the closet or basement, dispose of broken furniture you've been hanging on to, old papers that can be shredded and recycled, anything you no longer use. There is no point in paying to ship items like this, especially since you are probably going to get rid of them as you move into your new office.

For more information regarding moving your business, commercial moving services in Benson, NC, and tips to help make your move stress-free, contact L&J Moving & Storage, one of the best moving companies for the job at (919) 324-3976. We are here to help, with full packing, unpacking services, local and long distance hauling, and many other services.

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