North Carolina Makes The List: Best Places For Veterans to Move

Moving can be difficult for anyone, including our Veterans. canstockphoto403267L&J Moving and Storage, based in North Carolina is proud to announce that this beautiful state has made the cut! Based on this list from Veterans United Home Loans North Carolina has been identified as one of the top places for Veterans to move. In addition to being identified as a top state for veteran relocations, two different North Carolina cities have also been recognized in the top 10 best cities for Veterans to live. Veterans United Home Loans gave special attention to Raleigh and Wilmington North Carolina for various different reasons.


Veteran United Home Loans looked at a number of different factors which have set these two North Carolina cities apart from other places in the United States. When they completed this study, some of the various factors included Veteran unemployment rate, number of Veteran owned businesses, cost of living, number of VA benefits within a 50-mile radius, proximity to a military base and housing affordability.


If you are a Veteran looking to move within North Carolina or relocate to this beautiful state, feel free to contact L&J Moving and Storage for any of your moving needs. L&J is a top moving service located just outside of Raleigh, NC and we are proud to assist our Veterans. As an agent of northAmerican Van Lines, one of the largest moving services in the United States, we have a vast network of incredible moving professionals who are happy to assist you with your next move.