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Advice From the Best Movers: Make a New House Feel Like Home

best movers The best movers know that getting settled into a new home can be difficult. A new space can often feel impersonal and cold. We, at L&J Moving & Storage, have some clever tips to make your new house feel like a home.

First, prioritize the rooms you tend to use the most – typically the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. You may also want to include a home office in this list, as well. Your first weeks, it might not feel like home, but having your most commonly used items at your fingertips can help you feel calm, even if you are living among boxes. 

Clear Out Empty Boxes
Create a place for your empty boxes from the start. Break down each box as you go and make a stack of them for recycling or donation, somewhere out of your way. Some of the best movers recycle both packing paper and boxes. As the packing materials are placed out of sight, you’ll have the immediate gratification of a room looking more and more organized after each unpacking session. 

Don’t Neglect Closets and Cabinets
Get your storage spaces organized. When you unpack your bedroom, take plenty of time with your closets and cabinets. When you’re working in the bathroom, take the time to set out your shower and bath supplies in a way that’s inviting and welcoming for you. Having clear places to store your belongings will put you at ease.   

Gather in the Kitchen
The kitchen is important. Keep things simple until you’re ready to celebrate your first home-cooked meal. Then, make it special for the whole family by including favorite foods. Bring home some fresh-cut flowers as a table centerpiece. 

Family Time
Re-create a solid family routine. Make the activities the family shared most often prior to the move available as quickly as possible. Get the electronics set up and the entertainment centers ready for the family to watch some TV together or play video games. Get the comfy pillows and some throw-blankets on the couch. Help the children to set up the books and toys that they treasure. The best movers have clearly labeled those boxes for you. It will help the children feel at home and keeps them busy, so that you may finish unpacking. The familiar stuffed animal, no matter how ragged, brings comfort to a little one. If they’re old enough, let them have the responsibility of putting away their own things as much as possible. 

Attention to immediate needs helps everyone quickly feel at home. Remember, the best movers, like L&J Moving and Storage, offer full-service packing options that also include unpacking. Contact us today to learn more.  

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