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Advice From the Best Movers on How to Choose a Roommate

best movers | clayton, ncThese days most young people moving away from home have little choice but to find a roommate. Many choose to move in with friends, but this is not always the best option, and could be the end of a great friendship. There are many issues of compatibility that should be considered, what makes a great friend is not always the same as what makes a great roommate. Professional moving companies have heard it all when it comes to roommate troubles. We have gathered some tips from the best movers working for L&J Moving and Storage on what to consider when choosing a roommate.

Do You Like a Clean House?

One of the hottest issues that arise between roommates is a difference in values when it comes to cleaning. Some people like their house spotless. Others don’t really care and are much more relaxed, while others are a chaotic mess. It can be hard to understand why roommates do not feel the same way you do and this can cause a lot of friction between you. It is better to find out what a potential roommate’s expectations are in terms of household responsibilities, especially regarding the communal spaces. Try to match roommates with your expectations in this area or at least talk ahead of time about what you expect and come up with a division of labor.


Talk to potential roommates about the hours they keep and whether those hours are compatible to your own. This becomes a matter of preference; some people prefer roommates that keep opposite hours, while others do not want roommates going in and out at all hours .


This one is a big consideration as well. Are you the serious type that lives a quiet life? Do you like adventure and want someone to share that love with you? Or are you the partying type and want to have lots of people in and out? Having a roommate that is constantly entertaining when what you really want is quiet evening at home can have you searching for the best movers all over again.

Students and Work from Home Points to Consider

For those that spend a lot of time in the home either working or studying, it is important to consider the need for a quiet space to retreat to and the ability of the other persons in the home to respect their need for quiet and privacy. Discuss these needs with potential roommates ahead of time. Discuss where a good study space would be that would not disturb others, but allow the privacy needed for these activities.

Finding the right roommate just like finding the best movers just takes a bit of planning and careful consideration. At L&J Moving and Storage we want your move to be successful in every way. Once you and your new roommate are ready to move, contact our team to receive a free quote. Let us help you start out your new life as smoothly and successfully as possible.



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