What Should you Know About Moving and Storage

While hiring a moving and storage company may seem straightforward, in reality, your decision should be based on some things that you might not know. As with any business, the more information you have, the easier it is to make a well-informed decision. Using the information provided will ensure that you hire the right company.Moving and Storage | L&J Moving and Storage


When researching different moving and storage companies, you will notice that most make the same claims. Although reputable companies follow through, underhanded businesses do not. Instead of believing everything that you learn, dig deeper and get everything in writing.

For example, when getting an estimate on your upcoming move, you never want to accept anything over the phone. You need a company representative to come to your home, assess the situation, and then provide you with a binding estimate. That way, you know ahead of your move what cost you are responsible for paying. Typically, you are only liable for 10 percent over that amount. In other words, if the move ends up costing 20 percent more than the binding estimate, you only pay 10 percent.

Deposit Money

Another thing that you should know before hiring a moving and storage company is that you are not expected or required to put any money down. In fact, if asked to make a deposit, especially one of significant value, consider that a red flag. Unfortunately, some companies will take a person’s deposit and then hold their goods ransom until the outstanding balance gets paid.

The problem is that in those types of situations, the remaining balance is usually much higher than the agreed-upon amount. Reputable moving and storage companies will only accept full payment once your goods get delivered.

Employee Movers

You also want to look at moving and storage companies that have teams that consist of employees. If movers get hired as temporary or seasonal help, you will not get the same quality service. As you can imagine, there is a bigger risk of your belongings getting damaged or broken. However, by hiring a company whose movers are employees, the caliber of service and dedication is much higher.

Employed movers also go through extensive training not only for loading items, but also in packing, unpacking, wrapping, customer service, and more. Therefore, if you want a positive experience and the best movers possible, hire a company that uses actual employees.