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5 Ways Hotel Owners Can Benefit from Hotel Storage

Storage isn’t just for when your home runs out of room. Hotels, resorts, event halls, and other businesses can regularly benefit from having additional storage space for less-used materials. Business owners can consider storage units part of their resources when planning events or resource use. From furniture storage to climate controlled storage space for audio/visual and electronic equipment, storage units can be helpful for all types of businesses and business owners.

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Hotel storage

Hotel owners and managers can make great use of storage units because of the variability of their business space and how it gets used by various clients. Storage units can help with many problems faced by hotel owners.


Banquet and event supplies

Hotels that host banquets, dinners, fundraisers, receptions, or weddings often purchase some or all of the supplies they need. Owning these supplies can be the most cost effective option, but it can make storing them and keeping them in good shape a tough task between events. Tables, chairs, linens, dishes, lighting, candles, specialty glassware, and other supplies can all be easily stored in a storage unit. Employees can take out the supplies they need for each individual event, while remaining assured that all of the supplies are secure and safe from damage.


Wine and liquor

Business owners can use storage units beyond just furniture storage; because these units are climate controlled, they can also be used to store wine, beer, and liquor, which are cheaper when bought in bulk. Business owners can make cost-effective bulk purchases, and store the excess in a climate-controlled unit without worrying about compromised taste or quality.


Records and administrative supplies

Smaller hotels and event spaces especially might find themselves running out of office space with the business, financial, and employee records they need to maintain. Because the priority of space usage is given over to events and event supplies, small business owners can take advantage of a storage unit to be sure that their records are maintained securely while not taking up their own on-site square footage to do it.


Marketing and signage

Hotels and event spaces frequently make use of outside signage to welcome guests to an event, or to promote new features, amenities, special rates, and more. The volume and size of signs make them difficult to hide in an office or under a front desk, so storage units offer a convenient solution for these as well.


Service vehicles

Hotels, resorts, and other event spaces often make use of custom-branded vans or buses to assist visitors at conferences, weddings, or receptions. Airport shuttles, shuttles into town or to other event spaces are all useful for particular events, but these vehicles rarely have a secure parking spot other than out back in a parking lot. With a storage unit, business owners can be sure that their vehicles are safe and secure when not in use.


Hospitality and event spaces are top-notch professionals at putting together events that cater to specific needs for clients, but that also means that they may own specialty items, vehicles, and marketing materials that are less frequently used. From furniture storage to wine and liquor storage and keeping occasional vehicles safe and in good repair, storage units can solve many space problems faced by hotel and event space managers. Business owners looking for storage solutions can be sure that they’re also working with top professionals with L&J Moving and Storage.




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