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5 Things to Prepare for an International Move - From the Experts at International Moving Companies

Experienced international moving companies can tell you that international moves come with their own separate challenges. Because an international move involves travelling longer distances, making a culture shift, and planning for visas or citizenship, you’ll have many other items on your to-do list than just packing and moving! international moving companies, L&J Moving and Storage Clayton, NC

The experts at L&J are among the international moving companies who can best help you prepare for and execute your international move. Our experienced teams can help you navigate the logistics of international, long-distance, and complex moves. We can also offer storage solutions that can help individuals and families who don’t plan to make their international move permanent.

Planning ahead is key to making your international move go smoothly. We’ve compiled the best tips from international moving companies here for you:

Create a command post. This means having a designated area in your home where you’ll keep all the files, correspondence, plans, and other details about your international move. You might try having an accordion file just for this move, with individual file folders inside labeled with each individual task you need to complete. Storing these documents together means you’ll also have just one place to go when you need a particular document or record.

Make one master list. It can feel easy to make a checklist of everything you need to accomplish, but the trick is to have one master list, not several smaller lists. When you have just one list, you have a comprehensive view of everything you need to accomplish, and you can be sure that each item gets checked off. Your impulse might be to have a packing list, a household utilities list, a government documents list, etc. But having one master list, with subsets for each group of tasks, helps you see the big picture and make sure all the necessary steps get completed.

Organize family records. Aside from the documents you’ll need for the move itself, it’s important to have all of your family records in good shape before your move. As you organize your records, consider consolidating them to a single cabinet or other storage solution so that you can easily locate all of them. Financial records, real estate records, identity documents like birth certificates or marriage licenses, and family medical records are just some of the items you’ll want to be sure you have at hand during this transition.

Arrange pet care. If your family has a pet, there are additional logistical steps you should take to ensure their continued health. Moving internationally will also likely mean that you’ll need to show proof of ownership, proof of immunizations, and other records for your pet. In your new neighborhood, you’ll want to know where a good vet can be found prior to your move, so that if anything occurs during or immediately after the move to your pet, you’ll have a resource close at hand to help.

Get rid of unneeded or unwanted items in your home. International moving companies know that one of the best ways to reduce stress in a move is simply to reduce the amount of items that get moved. Having to worry about fewer items can help you feel better about the move. You can go through your household and make sell, donate, and discard piles. You can also talk to the experts at L&J about residential storage units, and other solutions that can help make this transition easier.

For more information on how the team at L&J can make your international move stress-free, contact us today.

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