How to Prepare for Your Raleigh Movers

canstockphoto19275387Although professional Raleigh movers do a lot of the work in getting your possessions from one location to another, there are still a few things for you to do. In fact, getting prepared for the moving team’s arrival will decrease both your stress and theirs, not to mention speed up the process, which could ultimately save you money.

The great thing about hiring the right moving company, is that they offer a host of specialized services. Included in the list is packing and unpacking. However, if you prefer to pack yourself, you will need to have everything ready for the Raleigh movers to load onto the truck. Make sure you find or purchase quality boxes to prevent the bottoms from falling out. Use quality packing material and tape, and also carefully label everything. That will make unpacking at your new place much easier.

Packed Car
Load anything that you plan to take in your car. For instance, have an overnight bag packed, just in case the delivery of your belongings gets delayed for any unforeseen reason. You should also have any family heirlooms, personal documents, and medical supplies that you want in your car and out of the way.

Kids and Pets
If possible, find a temporary place for both your kids and pets to go while the Raleigh movers are at your home. Otherwise, they could get in the way, which could slow things down and create a risk for someone getting injured while carrying heavy items to the moving truck.

Friends and Family
If you plan to have friends and family at your current home, try to keep the number limited and make sure they give the Raleigh movers plenty of space. Although these people are there to help, too many of them would become distracting.

Clear Pathway
Be sure there is a clear path for the movers to get in and out of the house. They will also need a clear pathway inside so that they can quickly and efficiently perform their job.

Drinks and Snacks
Especially if your move involves a lot of boxes and other items, purchase bottled water and snacks for the moving team. That will keep them hydrated and energized, something they will appreciate.

With a little bit of planning, your Raleigh movers will do an even better job than anticipated. Remember, if you feel overwhelmed, you can always take advantage of the specialized services offered by the company.